Donate To Our Television; Youtube and Campus Outreach Ministries

Help us expand out Television weekly series from about 400,000 potential weekly viewers to at least 7 million or more. Past experience shows that this will vastly expand our Youtube viewership as well.

False evolutionary teaching is a major barrier to the gospel at college campuses. Science DVD hand-outs are an effective ANTIDOTE and outreach tool. Help us get these science DvD's to College students who are seeking truth.

Email if you desire 501-3c and we will designate your donation that way.



If 501C-3 approval is not an issue, just make checks out to Truth Seekers.

For 501C-3 donations, please make check payable to Moriel Ministries and write "For Truth Seekers" somewhere on the check.

  • Mail all checks to:

  • Truth Seekers Ministries
  • P.O. Box 2447
  • Clackamas, OR, 97015