Prophesies from the Ancient Jewish Scriptures to Jesus

About 730 B.C. a Jewish prophet states that the Messiah will be a human covenant (Is. 49:8 and 42:6) and that he will voluntarily die for the sins of the Jewish people (Is. 53:1-12) and that he will heal the blind; lame and deaf and will provide a “ransom” for the Israelis (Is.35:1-10). And that the “wolf will lie down with the lamb (Is.11:1-10). This prophet also indicates that the Messiah will be G-d (Is.9:6) somehow.

About 600 B.C. about 100 years after Isaiah another Jewish prophet states that G-d would give a different covenant to the Jews ( “…not according to the covenant…”) of Moses (Jeremiah 31:31-34). Some believe this to be the “human covenant” previously mentioned by Isaiah.

In about 640 B.C., another Jewish prophet states that the Messiah (judge and ruler of Israel) will be born in Bethlehem and will be smitten and give up Israel for a while ( a time gap) and then sometime in the future, will be great to the ends of the earth. It also indicates there that this Messiah is G-d since he has existed from everlasting (Micah 4:13 Masoretic -5:4).

And about 1000 B.C., another Jewish prophet states that the Messiah would wait a while (a time gap) by sitting at the right hand of G-d "until" His enemies be made a footstool" before coming to earth and conquering these enemies (Psalm 110:1-7). This prophet is told by another prophet that this Messiah of the world, would be a “son” to him- King David, (since the kingdom of this son would last forever (2 Samuel 7:12-14) and that this son would build a “house” for G-d (the Messiah to build a “house” also mentioned by another Jewish prophet - Ezekial 43:10 – also see 37:24-28 which states that the Messiah will be a “son” of King David).

Another Jewish prophet writing about 530 B.C. states that this Messiah who is to rule the earth will also be like a “son of man” (Daniel 7:13,14). This prophet Daniel, also gives the exact year that the Messiah will first appear (Daniel 9:25,26- proclamation by Artexerxes to the rebuilding of Jerusalem) and that the Messiah will be killed.

Then, about 30 A.D. a Jewish prophet named Jesus walks about Israel stating that He has come to fulfill all the preceding Messianic prophesies.

How likely is it that a man would show up in the time foretold and understand ALL these old prophesies and say and do the things He did as He fulfilled all of them, except for those things remaining after the time period in which He sits for a while (the time gap) at the right hand of G-d?