What The Rabbis Miss About Messiah's Second Coming

Psalm 110:1-12 is, as most Rabbis agree (see the Soncino commentaries written by Rabbis and used in Hebrew Schools) written by King David. It is clearly a Messianic psalm. Says David: " The Lord saith unto my Lord, sit thou at my right Until I make thine enemies thy footstool"

So, with the help of other scriptures I think it is clear that the Messiah at God's right hand is being asked to sit and WAIT for the time when God is ready to make the Messiah's enemies a "footstool". Backing this view up are a number of other verses. The Rabbis all agree that Micah 5:1- is about the Messiah. As the Rabbis all know, when the Jewish scriptures were written there were no chapters. So, the last verse of the preceding "chapter" in the Soncino is the first verse in the Christian Bibles. That verse says "...they smite the judge of Israel with a rod upon the cheek. As the Rabbis all agree, the Messiah is the "judge" of Israel (see Isaiah 11;3,etc.). This "WAITING' is alluded to in the following 3 verses which say that the Messiah who is to be ruler in Israel will "WAIT" for a time and THEN the Messiah will "stand and shall feed his flock...for THEN shall he be GREAT unto the ends of the earth" (5:3).

The Rabbis have a problem if the "judge" and ruler" of the nations is "smitten" Micah 4:14 or 5:1 depending on the version). But this was no problem for the original followers of Jesus, many thousands of Jews for the first 10 years following His resurrection (before Gentiles were allowed to follow), since the Messiah is clearly killed in Isaiah 53:8 etc. for the SINS of the people of Israel (etc.).

King David speaks about Messiah Jesus in Psalm 16:10 when David says that God will not allow the Messiah to see corruption (ie. Jesus resurrection before Jesus' body decayed in the grave). And that is why all living in Israel mourn in Zechariah 12;10 one like a "son: "...And they shall look unto me (God) because they have thrust him through (Messiah Jesus). As the Talmud says, that the Nazarene was "put to death because he was leading Israel astray with his sorcery" {miracles to me}.